Kate McCoy

Babies: Jack (4), Ben (3) and Claire (1)

Hometown: Rochester, Michigan

Former life: Certified Public Accountant

Daily activities: Randomly yelling single word sentences such as “Shoes!” “Teeth!” and “Pants!” and secretly listening to Moana when her kids aren’t even in the car. 

Special talents: driving through Starbucks; buckling three kids in their car seats in under 45 seconds; power naps.

On Petite Haven: "I have a passion for beautiful products, babies and business and have truly loved bringing Petite Haven to life alongside one of my oldest and dearest friends.




Jen Walker

Babies: Levi (4), Evan (2) and Mabel (itty bitty newborn)

Hometown: Howell, Michigan

Former life: Logistics Manager

Daily activities: Telling her boys that “No, they actually cannot have marshmallows for breakfast" and coaxing adorable baby smiles out of Mabel.

Special talents: Eating ice-cream alone in her laundry room so her children can’t see; building IKEA furniture; mental math

On Petite Haven: “Growing this business means giving my mind the creative outlet it craves yet still being able to meet the physical and mental demands of staying home with my kids.”