Just our beginning

A typical conversation when Jen and I are asked about Petite Haven:  “So you guys started a business selling……..baby blankets and swaddles?  Huh. Interesting. Like you sell them on Etsy?  Like, can I Amazon Prime them?”  

No, not really.  We have our own website and we just really love babies and fresh designs and things that aren’t planes, trains and strawberries.  Actually, we do love planes, trains and strawberries but felt very strongly that the moms of the world were in need of patterns that could grow with their kids, aesthetically fit in with the vibe of their homes and, well, just look a little less baby.  Also, we were two corporate gals turned stay at home moms and we were going just a tiny bit crazy.

Every mom takes a different path and we chose to stay home when we had our first babies nearly five years ago.  And as much as we knew in our hearts it was the right decision for us and our families, we were both deeply craving an outlet for our minds that had everything to do with us and nothing to do with our adorable offspring.  Does that sound selfish? If I’m being perfectly honest, we weren’t super happy staying home with our (at the time) four sweet, wild, sword fighting little boys. Yet, we also did not want to stop being home with those same boys.  I mean, look at their little faces.  Hello, vicious cycle. 

Jen was living in Atlanta when the concept of Petite Haven started to form. We talked nearly every day about what we could do.   At first we were going to start a blog about crafts and meal plans and all the things that go along with motherhood.  We quickly realized that I am not crafty in the slightest and although I do like cooking for my family I have also been known to make this.  It’s from Costco, you microwave it for 8 minutes and everyone thinks you're the next Giada De Laurentiis….you’re welcome.  Alright, blog officially scrapped. We’ve always been drawn to Kelly’s art and felt VERY strongly that it needed to be on The Babies.  Our product needed to be something functional, something that as moms, we used every day.  Yes, her patterns obviously needed to be on blankets and swaddles. We want to be really transparent here - Kelly is Jen’s sister and my dear friend.  We grew up together and have been Kelly’s cheerleaders ever since she held her first art gallery sale in her basement many moons ago.  We are just so proud of her and find her to be a true inspiration as a female entrepreneur.  She's a mom to three adorable boys, has a zipline in her backyard and tolerates all of our ridiculous questions. Therefore, she's the coolest.

As soon as our idea came to life we instantly went to work. We sampled ALL the cottons, and ultimately decided on the one we believed to be the absolute softest.  Another sticking point for us was that we didn’t want you guys to be able to feel the printing.  You know what we mean…..where you can almost scratch off the ink?  Yeah, none of that over here.  Two years later, we launched!  It’s a scary thing, right?  Putting yourself out there to possibly fail.  Last winter, I had been really dragging my feet on making the decision to go all in on the investment in Petite Haven. My mom looked at me so seriously and said “Katharine, your life is going on no matter what.”  She was so right (surprise, surprise). I just needed to take the leap and see where it would take us. The past two years have brought a major move and house renovation for Jen and two more babies between the two of us.  Meet Claire and Mabel.

The two years have also brought a completely positive shift in spirit.  I think we’ve learned both to embrace the inevitable chaos that comes along with parenthood and that finding your outlet is vital to facing the mental and physical challenge of raising tiny humans. We are incredibly grateful for the response to our brand and can feel the love and support from our friends, family and space we are creating in our tiny corner of the internet.  For that, we thank you.  xoxo - Kate & Jen

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